Insparken FAQ

The teams are divided according to faculties. Look up your program/course HERE and scroll to the bottom. There it says "This education is provided by..." 

Health and Society - HS - Red Team

Education and Society - LS - Yellow Team

Technology and society - TS - Green Team

Culture and Society - KS - Blue Team

No. In order to participate, you need to be a new student at a program/course/master’s at Malmö University and have picked up your free inspark bracelet.

The wristbands can be picked up during the overall sale. Check the Insparken schedule HERE to know when and where. Information about this will also be published in all Insparken social media.

Självklart kan du fortfarande delta. Det är bara att dyka upp på en av dagarna och/eller prata med din kapten så får du ett armband. Obs! Det är inte tillåtet att hämta ett armband till en kompis.

You can visit Kölsvinet (Bassängkajen 8) during their opening hours and talk to the staff at the Union’s reception. Sale will take place if the staff have time.

You can always come in contact with Insparken responsibles on their social media, such as FACEBOOK or INSTAGRAM! You can also e-mail them at