The board

Here we have the core of Festmesteriet! We are the people in charge of the organization and make sure that the Student Pub runs smoothly. All of us have different positions and responsibilities within the board and we meet at least every two weeks to discuss important matters concerning the association 🙂

Here you can see who we are and what we do:


The board 2019/20



President: Liz Hofmann

Vice President: Carla Jurado Perez

Treasurer: Kristian Toro

Secretary: Patrik Nilsson

PR-Responsible: Alice Thies-Lagergren

Board Member: David Skiöld

Board Member: Sanna Nilsson

Suppleant: Caroline Skillt

Suppleant: Julia Högman


The board 2018/19

President: Roman Kuroptev

Vice President: Liz Hofmann

Treasurer: Jesper Mattsson

Secretary: Sanna Nilsson

PR-Responsible: Marvin Vilchez

Board Member: Emil Thonell

Board Member: Stephanie Lund

Suppleant: Caroline Skillt

Suppleant: Jack Lewitan Stålnacke