Welcome to Festmesteriet


Festmesteriet is in danger!

Festmesteriet and the Student Pub risks shutting down if we don't get help. Read more about what you can do to contribute!

The pub

It's us here at Festmesteriet that runs and works the student pub. Together with students that volunteer we create events throughout the entire year, both pub nights and club nights! 

We're usually open for pub quizzes on wednesdays and have different themes on fridays.

Join Festmesteriet

Do you want to run a pub? Stand behind the bar and mix cocktails or plan our different events? Then join Festmesteriet! 

Every year we also thank our members by inviting them to everything from dinners to trips abroad, paid for by us.

Student Union Malmö

A We are a non-profit organisation that's run by student, for students. We work under the Student Union Malmö and you have to be a Union Member to partake in Festmesteriet and the pub. The Union also organises different events. 

Our history

Our association was founded in 2011 by a group of committed students. They wanted to improve the student life in Malmö and since then we've organised different events such as night clubs, sittningar, barbecues and the Insparken/Kick Off for new students every year!