- Insparken 2019 starts on September 3rd -



Insparken is two weeks of the most fun you will have during your time studying in Malmö. The Kick-Off is full of different activities such as challenges, pub evenings and club nights for the new students to feel welcome and get their social life started at Malmö University. The final weekend is the 24-hour-race, where the teams will collect as many points as possible and compete for the title: Winners of Insparken 2019.

All activities are voluntary and you are welcome to participate in as many or as few as you like. The new students are referred to as "nollor" (Swedish word for zeroes) and each "nolla" (zero) is part of one of the four teams depending on which faculty their education belongs to.

Each faculty represents a team and color. The four teams competing in the Inspark are:

• Blue Team (Culture & Society)
• Green Team (Technology & Society)
• Yellow Team (Education & Society)
• Red Team (Health & Society)

More information about the different faculties can be found here. If you are unsure of which faculty your education belongs to, you can find more information on Malmö University's webpage for your program. Most English-taught programs are part of Culture & Society (Blue team).

Internal communication

To keep you informed about Insparken, there are a total of five different Facebook groups:

A big group for all the nollor, fadders, captains and generals. Everyone participating in insparken can and should be part of this group. Information that everyone needs to receive will be posted here as well as the schedule for all activities:

Each team (a.k.a. faculty) then has its own Facebook group:

Blue Team (Culture & Society)

Green Team (Technology & Society)

Yellow Team (Education & Society)

Red Team (Health & Society)

By joining your team's Facebook group you are officially a part of it. You can support your team by participating in the activities and fight for your team to be the winners of insparken 2019.

Are you not a new student but want to be part of insparken anyways?

You are welcome to participate in Insparken 2020!

Being part of Insparken is not only a lot of fun but it also gives you work experience for the future. The people who make Insparken happen are divided into different roles with various responsibilities. At Malmö University, we use the following three groups: Faddrar, Captains and Generals.

Faddrar can roughly be translated to mentors. They are the new students' first contact with Malmö University's social life and the backbone of Insparken.  Faddrar make the planned activities happen, and work at the student pub during pub and club nights. Important qualities for a fadder is to be open and friendly to the new students so that they will feel welcome and make as many new friends as possible.

Captains are the leaders of each team and they organize their team's faddrar and activities.  The captains' objective is to steer the nollor in the right direction and to be on top of everything regarding their team. They are also in charge of making their teammembers excited and spread a good team spirit. 

Generals are the highest leaders of Insparken. They do most of the planning and organizing half a year ahead of Insparken and try their best to make it bigger and better each year. New generals are choosen by the previous ones after Insparken is done, which in their turn choose the captains and fadders. During Insparken Generals try to spread as much fun and joy to everyone, why also making sure that Insparken runs smoothly.

Welcome to the best two weeks of the year - as nolla, fadder, captain or general!