Insparken (Kick off)

Insparken 2018

Insparken are two weeks of the most fun you probably will have during your time studying.  The two weeks are filled with fun activity’s, pub nights and club nights just for the new students at Malmö University. All the activities are voluntary and you don’t must participate in all of them. New Students participating in Insparken are called Nollor(Zeroes). Nollor are divided into teams depending on what faculty their education belongs to.

There are a total of five diffrent facebookgroups that keep you informed about insparken.

A general group for all the nollor, fadders, kaptains and generals:

Each faculity has a team, color and facebook group:

Blue Team (Culture & Society)

Green Team (Technology & Society)

Yellow Team (Education & Society)

Red Team (Health & Society)

More information about the diffrent facultys can be found here

If you are unsure what faculty you education is a part of you should find more information on malmö Universitys webpage for your program. In general most International programs are part of Culture&Society(Blue team)

Being part of Insparken is lots of fun. The people who make Insparken happen have different roles. Generals, Captains and Faddrar(sort of a mentor).

Generals are the ones who do most of the planning and organizing half a year ahead of Insparken. They do their best to make Insparken bigger and better each year. New generals are choosen by the new generals after every Insparken. They are the one who choose the captains and faddrar. During Insparken Generals try spread as much fun and joy to everyone.

Captains are the leaders of each team and they organize their teams faddrar and activities.  The captains also try to get everyone excited and spread a good team spirit.

Faddrar are the new students first contact with the social life at Malmö University and the backbone of Insparken.  Faddrar make the planned activities happen, work at the student pub during pub and club nights. An important property for each fadder is to be open and friendly to the new students to help them feel welcome and to help them make as many new friends as possible.

Welcome to the two best weeks of the year- as a nolla, fadder, captain or general!

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