Pub Committee
In the pub committee you will help develop our pub nights. You are influencing how the pub nights will work, which themes we should have. Maybe a quiz or Karaoke, why not both? Should we have something special on the menu? It is up to you to decide!

Event Committee
In the event committee you will help organize and develop our club nights. You can call up various DJs, themes for club nights, when and how they should be managed, what decorations to use and what the various club nights should offer! Or do you like to plan and organize activities for other members? If your answer to one or both questions is yes, then this is the committee for you!

PR and Recruitment- Committee
Do you feel it would be fun to attract new members to the association? The PR-committee decides how, when and where we promote Festmesteriet. You collaborate with all the other committees to help them promote their events and you influence how we reach out to new students.