Apart from the board, the members of Festmesteriet are split up into our various committees. You choose yourself which committee you want to be part of and you can also swich throughout the semester. Each committee gives the opportunity to learn new skills and enhance your interests, which one will you join?

Pub Committee
In the pub committee, you will be planning, running and developing the pub's operations. The committee is in charge of deciding and preparing what activity or theme the pub nights should be. We typically have a quiz every Wednesday and event every Friday, so the type of questions that need answering could be: What should next week's quiz be about? Maybe on Friday we could have beer pong or karaoke? Should we add something special on the menu for this month? It is up to you to decide!

Event Committee
In the event committee, you will be in charge of organizing and developing both our club nights and our exclusive members events. For the clubs you might be the one to come up with a theme, book a DJ, find decorations, hire a photographer or mix your own ecxlusive club-only drink! Basically decide when and how the club should be held and managed. This we do about once every semester. For the members events the possibilities are limitless. Past year we had beertasting, sittningar, gala-nights and a pubcrawl in Copenhagen. We even went to Germany. Twice! So if you enjoy planning big events, this is the comittee for you!

PR and Recruitment Committee
Creative, social, driven? Maybe the PR committee is for you! Can you handle social media or design things in Adobe? Do you feel like it would be fun to talk to and attract new members? The PR-committee decides how, when and where we promote Festmesteriet, as well as how to communicate all the planned events to our members. As a part of PR you collaborate closely with both of the other committees since they need you to visualise and promote the things which they have come up with. However, you can also be creative and make up your own projects to influence how we reach out to new students.

Inspark Comittee?
We in the board have been thinking.. Maybe we could use an Inspark comittee to assist the coming Generals? If anyone feels excited to be part of this it could become reality!